Storytelling everywhere. Not only in the creative spaces of theatre practitioners and script writers. To legitimize ’your’ story is the superior task. The task of journalists, politicians and public relations consultants. In order to succeed in this dubious intent they walk over dead men.

In Sweden, in 2016, there is no support for an objective reality. Meritocracy is dismantled in favour of false justice, alleged altruism and sectarian nepotism. Words have no meaning. The language is replaced by rhetoric. Everyone and everyhere, pretending. By means of postmodern assiduity the vandals transposed the scale and thereafter turned it upside-down. Freedom is slavery! Worse is better! Most vulgar wins!

Who lashes the power today? Who mocks the arrogance of power and the evil disguised as benevolence? The cynicism which claims to be naivety. The disregard which conveys the impression of concern.

We live in a time of poor guises. Fictitiously elevated the deceptive intelligentsia is strutting in its starched collar. The new standard is producing an illusion of a critique of the standard. The new power asserts its powerlessness. No inspection is therefore done. Accountability is not required. Our offices are inhabited by charlatans and amateurs, not uncommonly by crooks and fraudsters. The dramatists aren’t aware of the gravity and the humour of the celebrity comedians targets the patronage of the rulers. We’re supposed to laugh at the public.

Bashing downwards is, however, a poor strategy. To underestimate the audience is a cardinal sin. One day the spectators will fully comprehend the deceit. The veil has to fall. Words without thoughts never go to heaven. The inconvenient stories are searching for the light.

No theatre will stage our plays. No film counsellor will support our movies. On the contrary, the establishment is trying to close us down. Our story about the reality is considered incorrect and dangerous. Which brings the incentive.

The need for a new voice has never been stronger. A divergent perspective, beyond the pose-striking coquetry which courts the power. The true avant-garde. Examining the fallibly sewed jester costumes. Before the censorship takes over.

Swedish Narratives presents indispensable stories of exceptional times. It doesn’t get more radical than this.